Maternity LookBook

Maternity LookBook

Since I’m now almost 39 weeks pregnant, I thought now would be a good time to share an affordable and realistic Maternity Lookbook of the outfits I have worn throughout my pregnancy. I think it is fair to say that for the most of us, the idea of forking out for a whole new wardrobe for just a 9 month period is a luxurious expense rather than realistic. This blog post aims to suggest convenient ways to manage your current wardrobe for pregnancy, with just a few affordable changes. If all else fails, I hope this post provides some outfit inspiration for other expectant mothers.

When I was pregnant with my first child, Kaden, miraculously the only ‘maternity’ clothing I purchased and wore was a green ‘hands off the bump’ t-shirt from NewLook. I kept the t-shirt, and have worn it throughout my second pregnancy, which Kaden loves. T-shirts like these, paired with maternity or ordinary leggings are a comfortable outfit choice and cheap to put together as most of us own such pieces.


However, I don’t know how I managed to continue to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and clothing with my first pregnancy as this time round I have had to purchase a handful of ‘maternity’ labelled items to see me through.

First & Second Trimester:

These were the easiest stages to adapt my wardrobe to my growing stomach. I enjoyed wearing slightly more figure hugging pieces during these trimesters as my bump grew, desperate to show people I was indeed pregnant and not just a little full from lunch or Christmas overindulgence!

I purchased a pair of maternity jeans from ASOS, and paired these with vests and floaty blouses and tops from my existing wardrobe. Other outfits consisted of dresses and skirts, paired with simple t-shirts or trainers.

Key Pieces:

  • Primark Grey Bodycon Dress £6
  • ASOS New Look Maternity ‘OvertheBump’ Ripped Jeans £24.99
Third Trimester:

This has been the hardest stage of pregnancy to try and work my existing wardrobe around. Especially since the UK has been in a heatwave and I want to be in as little clothing as possible!

I purchased a few more vest tops from Primark, pairing these with shorts or jeans for a simple, comfortable look. Putting cardigans or shirts over the top can dress the outfit up whilst still remaining comfortable to wear. The Bardot style dresses I had in my summer wardrobe worked perfectly over the bump, whilst still looking girly and pretty.

Key Pieces:

  • New Look Bardot Dress £9.99
  • Primark Vest Tops £1.40 
  • Maternity Knee-Length Shorts £2!!! (Second-hand)

What were some of your key pieces during pregnancy? Did you manage to make your existing wardrobe work or did you splurge on some maternity clothing? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Thank you for reading. 

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